For some time now, there is a mantra that we repeat endlessly: Proptech helps professionals to improve their processes. And although this proptech map pretends to be a “translator” that helps proptech professionals and real estate traditional companies to communicate and understand each other, the truth is that real estate professionals (not all) still have difficulties understanding certain proptech services and how they benefit them in their day to day business or what differential value they provide to their final customers. 

Hence, my question in the title and a few others: How do proptech companies communicate with real estate agents? Is their message clear enough? How do the two parties interact? Which should be the message?

We are talking about two different worlds that until very recently did not have good communication. Proptech companies and real estate professionals. Surely, because, until recently, a part of proptech companies wanted to have direct contact with the same final customer of real estate professionals. Therefore there was competition. 

But, if the current health crisis has shown us something, it is that real estate processes can be carried out online, but at the same time, final customers need personal contact and trust in the process, hence the importance of real estate agents. We are not talking about any real estate agents, but hybrid agents, capable of using proptech improving processes and the customer experience while putting a human touch of warmth and trust, offering them the support they need. 

When talking between techies and traditional real estate professionals, several concepts should be clear. They should be used as key arguments: 

  • How can a real estate agency prepare to work effectively from home and communicate with its clients from a distance? 
  • How to hybridize the traditional real estate business model to meet the needs of current customers? 
  • How to better communicate with your customers and take advantage of all the opportunities offered by the market? 
  • What will be the support that proptech provides to the real estate? 
  • What needs do they have the real estate agencies that respond with this proptech service? 
  • Can you have a trial period at no cost to the agency? 

Definitively, the project presented to the professional, in addition to answering very clearly the questions set out above, must respond to the current desire for a change of the professionals and clearly form part of the needs of their clients. 

The current crisis has changed the previous paradigm of lack of communication between proptech and professionals due to an imperative need to continue providing service in a global shutdown. Undoubtedly, this stage will professionalize the profession, making real estate agencies much more efficient and competitive.

During the lockdown at API, we saw how the demands related to virtual reality, digital signature, valuations, virtual home Staging skyrocketed, among others. 

This is the first step towards a hybrid agent.

Let’s make it easy.

Sheila Gracia

Service´s director at the Catalan Real Estate Agents Association